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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Octopus

Holy mother of god. I haven't posted anything in a while but I just noticed that it's possible to listen to my favourites bands new songs. The album is called "The Octopus" and it does justice to their previous works. It might even is better. There might be some people out there who like this kind of rock so thought I'm gonna advertise them a bit.
I can't wait to get my original copy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No money

Bah adsense disabled my account for good and appeal didn't work. Oh well. Whos interested can still keep following me but I will take now my time with all these daily watchings. Just gonna keep an eye on the people who comment and the blogs I liked because of context and because of the cool guys and girls making them.

Thought that today is a nice day outisde, sun is shining, weather seems good, birds are singing, trees are all colorful. A pefect autumn day. And what to do on a perfect autumn day? Stay inside watch animes and maintance my guitar! Man what a hassle. Took me like 6 or 7 hours to take it apart, clean it and make customization for more compfort. I still need to do a few things but overall it seems nice and shiny+ more compfortable. Learned yesterday "Alter Bridge - Isolation" and now can't stop playing it xD

Oh btw, I failed with my essay xD like totally.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AB III Is love

I'm totally fucked. I have like only 8 pages written out of 20 and i have been working like 5hours on only 2 sentence on my report/essay. Its driving me nuts. I have like it written in my head. I can think of what I did and what I wanted to write, but I can't just put it in words. If I try to do it I get a enormous headache. It's seriously friggin driving me nuts. Tomorrow is due and I felt like giving up, but now.... fuck this essay
I GOT MY FAVOURITES BAND NEW ALBUM! It's not offically out yet so I can't buy it yet but oh god its so amazing.. 
Alter Bridge AB III. I was waiting for this album a long time and It's better then I could have imagined. The new songs were totally worth the wait!

Gonna take now my guitar and start practicing the new songs.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life of Ciler

Haven't been around lately. Well some of you know why. So thought I'm gonna do a new post.
Bah When I started this blog in august I told that I had in 8th September this Practical work assignement. Well, it got pushed until 4th October. Practically I have to write and essay of 3months what I did in my practicum. I had an assignement to build a Home server on Server 2003 and Linux, ClearOS. Server I did but ClearOS I was too lazy. Well now the past few weeks I was like "Ok.. tomorrow I'm gonna write my essay." Now its 1th October and I'm running out of TIME. Not panicking yet but damn... I'm close to, because I still feel like saying I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Fuck how I hate myself for that xD. I guess gonna start to write today some rough outline and do tomorrow something clean.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bah I hate sleeping

Bah. Was so tired at midnight and thought that today I can atleast go at a normal time to sleep. Went to sleep woke up and 3am.. and no matter how much I waited and tried but just couldn't fall asleep again. Was just laying there in my bed eyes closed and hoping to fall asleep but just couldn't. I actuallt felt even sleepy but noo... Ideas and thoughts just kept poping up. Somehow my sleeping has always been so messed up and It's just impossible to get it to a normal time. I mostly go to sleep at 6am. Sometimes I stay then up all day and night and going then to sleep at a normal time like midnight. Good for a day or a week and then again same trouble. It keeps getting later and later when I can fall asleep until its again messed up like this. Gonna try to pull out today an all nighter and go sleep at a more decent time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Norther - Break Myself Away

Today I was listening to my library and "Norther" started playing. I really thought that after all these years the song "Savior" sounds so easy that I should cover it. After a bit of youtubing I noticed they have released a new online single. Thought I'd share it in my blog. It will probably not be to the liking of the majority of my watchers, but I know there are some who enjoy this kind of music :)

Norther - Break Myself Away

Also I'm really happy that I got today my Playstation 3 Jailbreaked. I know Piracy isn't good and well I'd really love to buy the games but in estonia a game costs over 120$ Thats fuckin insane. Also I really love that with Pirated games you can actually use PSP's remote play and play absolutly EVERY SINGLE GAME through remote play. Sony's a bitch. I hope PS3 gets now awesome homebrew and cool stuff will keep poping up. I'm excited like a little kid on christmas eve. also these misheard lyrics in the comments. Just noticed those. God those are funny imo.


I'm soon gonna get back my own room and thought that It would be lonely there. I really like cats but a cat in a room I thought is not good. Then I thought. I'm gonna get ferrets. I remember once seeing tabby with a ferret and a youtube video where a ferret played guitar xD This kinda made me like ferrets. But now yesterday it hit me. I want a ferret! So I did some serious research, what I need to do, what I have to expect, what will happen and if I can take care of it. Seems everything is perfect. I'm thinking that two ferrets might be better then one. Would be more fun for them and maybe for me. But well for now I try to get one. I'd like a white one with light brown in some parts in it. Gonna ask some breeders that they put me on que for a ferret when new are born.
I know a ferret is really popular in US, but in my country there barely are might 1000 people who have ferrets xD. As much as I know its a really rare pet here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Never say no to Panda

Ok my brother just showed me this video clip and oh god, I lauhged so hard watching this.

Hope you will like it as much as I did xD

Friday, September 24, 2010

Boring day of Ciler

Again a late night post.
Actually I don't have much to blog about. Kinda absolutly nothing interesting happened today, I didn't even do anything. I only remember wasting my time in front of the PC and regretting what I fool I was for not talking with that girl.

Oh today I was asked a question to join a folk dance group. There are two girls who don't have a partner and I was asked to be for one. I really don't know what I should do. It would be something different but... Folk dance isn't really something what is my thing.
Tomorrow also a Chemistry and Physics experiment and video convention is being held. It sounds quite fun so I might check it out. Ok the real deal is because that girl I saw actually left the bus that few days ago in front of the place its being held. Maybe she lives there close by and comes to watch it aswell. I sound creepy.... But she was cute enough for my taste to be remembered. So here is a hint. If you see a girl, you find her attractive, she's alone and looks your type... GO SAY HI! Even if nothing would come out, you atleast tried. If not you will regret it for weeks.

As for driving school, I called today my instructor and my first driving lesson will be on thursday at 10am. I'm sooo excited.

Ooh and here is a work in progress and practice I did. I have a really hard time with color theory and how to use brushes in digital paint applications. But getting slowly better.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I thought I'm gonna dump all the old shit I have done last year/beginning of this year what I found from my server. This was supposed to be a blog of art but right now its a blog of art WITHOUT art. I'd like to say myself that I'm much better at this moment, because most what I will post now are random doodles, fast sketches, practices (also all of them are unfinished xD) and stuff done a long time ago before I "learned/learning" anatomy, bone structure + muscles. Ok well enough of excuses xD 

Was a practice I once drew. Then got some time later ideas and changed her competly. Later fucked it up. I like her, most are creeped out by her. 

My very first "landscape bg" practice

Arms are too short. Forgot loli bodies are different then adults. ._.

Character references of a story what was influenced a lot by a anime called "Mushishi" and "Natsume Yakuinmodo" or something like this.. 

Actually this one is new. Was a brush practice. its imo quite decent except for the foreground.

A OC, Cutest thing imo I have drawn and most influencial character. Using always many details from her for new OC's

Driving School

Bah. I'm already in my 20's and still haven't made a driving license. (the reason is because when I turned 18 I got some money saved up for driving school but I decided I want a digital tablet. At  19 I had lots of money. It was all supposed to go for driving school, but then I discovered I love guitars. After that I wasted over 4000$ on guitars and rig xD at 20... damn.. I did the same thing lol.) So today I entered with my cousin a driving school. The trip there was quite interesting. Saw on the bus station a girl. Damn. She was so cute (love on the first sight! xD), but I wasn't really alone and she looked more like 16-17(tho looks are deciving these days). I'm 20 so I didn't really have the guts to go talk with her, but now I kinda regret it. Luckly my town is small. Might be lucky and meet her again. Also I always will go to driving school with the same bus where I saw her today so chances might are higher.  
Anyway back to driving school. I have the theory part now every monday and thursday at 6pm for 8 weeks. Also tomorrow I have to call my driving teacher and set up a date for the driving lesson what I have to do total 40hours. So practically if I learn quick, I could finish this school up in 2~3 months. Can't wait to put my hands on the wheel already. When I was something 14 I used to go to a cart school. There I had driving lessons and had to learn to drive a real car. Also my grandfather used to teach me at that time. I used to spend my weekends at the country side and we got often milk from neighbours. There was quite a way to them so my grandfather always allowed me to drive there and back. Even though the road was straight it was really awesome to drive there. We also have a tractor so I used to drive that. It sure is a little bit different then a car but the basics are the same I guess. 

As for the book. I decided I slowly will try it :) So far I did just some photoshop templates of the book pages and size. Stuff like how to fit everything.and where. Story I have given some thoguhts. Got something really roughly. Ideas for main character as well, now gotta sketch him. Might have gotten done something by tomorrow. Wanted to get a sketchbook for this and overall but damn, my city has like absolutly no art shop what would sell quality sketchbooks where when you flip the paper it wouldn't fall out. I hate that I can't buy absolutly no art tools aswell. I really would like Copic Markers but nay, they dont sell them here. Was lucky to get a Intuos4 L but it costed double then in any other country. Oh well.... was worth every penny I paid.

Thanks for reading.
Cya tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A childrens book.

I gave yesterday some thoguht about what I should draw and somehow a idea what I always liked came up. To create a childrens book. My goal isn't really to be become popular or get money with it but for the sake of creating it. Creating it myself and might make atleast one kid happy with the book, even if its the worst thing they have ever read. I really want to create a fantasy story. I love fantasy stuff. I have in my eyes such watercolor yet digital looking illustrations with lots of colorful yet simple effects (light, smoke, etc). A rough storyboard. Fantasy looking character with puffy clothing. The story I'd like to be simple yet exciting. I'd like to mix things from various thoughts of mine, experiment. Even if I can just print out one book xD If its looking like a book, looks a little bit proffessional and has style. If I can just take the book, hold it in my hands and think "I made this!" I'd be proud of myself and feel like I accomplished one goal of my life. I always knew I'm once gonna do it, but the urge to do it now has risen. I'm thinking of starting to work on this slowly. Surely it would take some time to create it. Months or even years.  Would keep here updated on the progress too.

I'm gonna think about this a week or so, collect ideas, ask some children and prepeare stuff. Let's see where this is going :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Art block

Been trying to draw something for so long now but absolutly no ideas and nothin comes out. There is this one webcomic or well you could say more a manwha I'm reading called "Noblesse". It's really great, a story about vampires. But It kinda made me think maybe I should draw myself a serious story webcomic/manga. I have some stories and characters left I could use.
Anyway I still don't have any ideas what to draw. I wanna draw something big and something fantasy.
Would like suggestions.
Also I can draw some 4koma/"chibi" style comics if someone gives me ideas. I dunno if i can make them funny or awesome but I can try. Bah i'd draw anything right now if i'd have a idea :<

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of games

Anyone got games to reccomend for PC?
The last game I played was Risen. Would love something similar rpg, or some kind of fps.
No Call of Duty's, mafia II or SC II

Haven't been in touch with the game world so I don't really know whats new and whats big right now. Kinda only know about console games.

Thanks :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Found today this band called "Karnivool" Haven't listened much to their songs and not really the stuff I mostly listen to but this song called Themata is actually quite good.

Anyone might got some music reccomendations to give me? More from "Metal" genre but more melodic then just screaming.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Capitalism, ho!

Got today this game called "Recettear: An item shop's tale"
It's a story about this one loli who's trying to pay to a fairy a dept what her father left. She will open a shop and you have to manage, sell and buy all kinds of stuff to get money to pay the debt back.
To get all this stuff what you sell you can buy from Merchants's Guild, Marketplace and sell it for much higher then you bought or you can send people to dungeons and get items there.

This explains the game pretty much like it is:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Caught a cold

Meh... today I woke up with a terrible sore throat and headache. Our weather temperature here droped with one day about 20'c really fast so a lot of us caught in Estonia a cold now and I'm one of them. Quite impossible to do anything today. Just staying in bed and sleeping. Came to do my stuff here in blogger and I guess thats it for today. Cya later

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today I want to introduce a band that is one of the biggest influences for me. It's called Amplifier and they are from Manchester, England.
They have I tink right now 2 albums out "Amplifier" & "Insider". The third one is coming soon, called "The Octopus" 
If you like Prog rock/Alternative then check them out. Their stuff is amazing. I'd love to show even more songs but It's so hard to choose "The best song" cause I think absolutly everything is the best.

For more check out their myspace.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun and tiring day

Sorry everyone for my lack of activity today or well in my country you could say yesterday. I was quite up until 5am blogging and went then to sleep, but my college started at 8am so that sleep was just a tease. I went yesterday first time to college with my bike and lent a bike lock from my cousin and when I came back I returned it to her. As she had her school starting later at the day she was bored and told we could go shop a bike lock for me too. We took our bikes and that we did. Went to a bike shop and got a lock for 20$. It isn't quite what I wanted but Its better then not having one, right? As there was plenty of time left until her school like 5hours we decided that we go biking all over the town and I could show her some places she herself didn't know. I live in a town called Tartu in a small country called Estonia. I was myself born here and actually the last time I had seen the town all over the place was when I was something at age 12-13 where I went to explore secrety all over the place with my friends. Today I remembered quite a lot old memories and saw how much all the places have changed over the time. Also saw a side of this town I never knew before. I had no idea that there exists such a beatufil manor park here at the edge of the town. After 5hours of biking, sending her off to school and returning home, I fell asleep instantly. I slept like never before. No one could wake me up, no matter how much they tried and I didn't even notice anything. I didn't sleep much so I have been quite tired all night until now. I tried to help my followers today as much as I could but I just hope you don't mind me not commenting for today.

Well see ya all tomorrow :) I'm going to get now some rest.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life and Art of Ciler

Was looking today through my Youtube subscribtions and user "kapral18" had uploaded a guitar cover of his song "Winds Towards Sezam" It's something djenti and death metalish so not for everyone but I'm amazed by this song and  the use of arabic tunes in it.

Today was so boring that I don't really have anything interesting to say. Drew that cirno a little and right now I think the sketch looks actually not that bad but I just don't get anymore where I went wrong with the anatomy tho it's just a generic standing halfbody picture which I hate. Trying to fix it by making little pauses. So after the pause I have forgoten how it looks and can spot mistakes easier.

Oh yeah! Also I'm 2 followers away of having 200! I would never have imagined I'd get that many. You guy's are all really awesome! Have had really awesome days, reading all of your blogs. Some quite made my days. I'm not really confident in my drawings as I can't really capture anything interesting in them and make them look awesome and funny, otherwise I'd really draw something for you guys. After I finish this fanart I'm doing right now I'm maybe starting to take some requests for fast sketches.

Went through my old drawings and thought I'm gonna try to upload a drawing everytime I post something new. Here is a old sketch what was supposed to be a "Parody" Of Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random day of Ciler

Damn.. Today is 8th sept. in my country and that means in 6hours I have college starting again. Luckly my college has only lessons 2 days a week for 4hours. It's not really going to kill me but the first month is just "Mathematics and Statistics" I don't really have a clue what it is about but Its math, It can't be good. Good thing is I see my classmate again and this year he's starting to devote his life to guitar so I have a lot to talk with him now.

Well the bad thing is a metal wire went somehow into my dads eyesocket at work It didn't make him blind and didn't damage his eye but It seems it touched it and now his eye or eyes hurt a lot. It might made me worry more then anyone else in my family and I've been feeling shit the whole afternoon now. My dad always had his coolface on all the time nad never had seen him in my life before scared but I think today he was kinda, doing deep breaths and stuff.

As for the fanart. I thought of finishing a old drawing of Cirno(touhou) I did. Was quite old so it had lots of anatomy faults. I'm not good in anatomy but well I learn it and know now more then before and found faults after faults. Started to redo it but it looks even more strange now =='' Oh well. I will try to finish it.

Anyway here have a sketch of a cat-servant/minion I did for a comic/visual novel project like... half a year ago. I wish I could ressurect the project. I had lots of characters but I couldnt arrange my time wisely so I never really got to start the actual thing. I might even pick it up someday. 

Funny! Japanese musician!

Friend just sent me this video and I'm amazed by this.
I never would have thoguht that you could make music this way.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Custom Design

Didn't really do much. Just changed in the CSS the background and added a custom 2min photoshop logo. The colors can be really effed up because my monitor is weird. That was one of the reasons I qutied webdesigning some years ago tho the pay was nice. For this I actually ripped from my original portfolio & art site my background and imported it here xD. I think its even kinda fits.
I will now change the design from time to time. 

I migh also upload tomorrow some fanart of ⑨. I wonder if someone knows who that is xD

Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to find followers blogs.

So you just started blogger, a decent number of people started to watch you but you don't know how to check out their blogs?

First way
They commented you. If you press their name under the comment it will direct you to their Blogger profile page.

You now see "My Blogs" and then just click the blue link.
Easy as that.

Second way

Well for that just press on the persons icon and there should pop up a new window in the middle of the screen.

It should look like this:

If the person has set up everything you should see that persons Link to his/her blog. Some I noticed wrote also it in their About me.

Now you did like I said but you don't see any link there neither is there one written under about me.
If you are one of those persons Who hasn't set those up then now I try to teach what you should do.
As I registred with gmail I figured out this much that you have to change these settings under gmail.

First go to your blogger settings menu where you cuztomise your blog.
You should find from the top right a menu like this:
Press "My Account"

This should lead to gmail or google accounts and the page should look like this:

Now just press "Edit Profile" what will lead you to a new page.
There you can edit what you want. One thing is your picture. You can change that if you want.
But the main thing about is to add a link for blogger!

Well do your changes and press "Save changes". 

Other changes you want to do you can do under Dashboard and "Edit Profile"

Like before I'm not really the best in explaining stuff. But I hope this will be useful to some people as they had trouble with this. I hope this was the right way. I'm sorry if i was mistaken and all this is worthless.
If you have trouble you can comment and I can try to help and I'm sure other kind people will help too :)

Removing word verification for comments

A lot of people had trouble with removing the world verification when others want to post comments.
I thought I try to do a tutorial, might would be helpful for some people.

Ok so lets get started.
The first thing you want to do is go to your Dashboard.

From here you should click on the "Settings" option what will bring you to a new page what should
look like this picture below this text.

You can also access this when you are on your own blogspot page and press on "Design" what is
on the top of the site on the right side. Then you just have to choose "Settings" tab like on the picture manually.

So if you are under settings tab then you have to choose "Comments"  what will also bring you new options.

And the last thing is to search for "Show word verification for comments?" and choose No.
Save and thats it.

I hope this will be useful for some who are new here.
Sorry if I was too confusing.

procrastinating ftw!

Drew this some years ago.. And every time its September, looking again at this it reminds me.FUCK I haven't changed at all over the past  years. I had to build for 8 September a Home Server running on ClearOS (linux) for my practical work. I had 3 months to do this and what day is it today? Its 5th September already. Oh well... 7th September is a day as well.

Oh btw, if someone gives me some nice ideas for a 4koma I can try to draw it and post it some other day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steffen Schackinger

I really think more people should know about him. If you like Blues/Jazz/Rock fusion then you might would like his music.

As for me this guy is someone I admire. His music really gets me, especially "Time". Time was one of the first songs I learned fully by ear and had a lot of trouble with. It was really hard for me at that time and as for my guitar skills it really teached me a lot and made my fingers much more flexible and faster. Really feeling like if i get money I will buy the offical notes for this song, relearn it the right way, do a cover and post it in youtube.

Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature

· Ash body
· Maple neck with a maple fret board
· 24 frets
· 26.5” scale length.
· EMG 707 pickups.
· Master volume
· 3 way switch
· Original Floyd Rose tremolo
· Grover tuners

Played today this guitar in my local guitar shop and I fell in love with it. When I get money then this is the first thing I'm gonna buy. This guitar has like everything. It's played by Jeff Loomis. It's a Shecter. It's a 7 string, has EMG's, Floyd Rose. I just can't wait anymore to own one myself and play 24/7 with it. It really felt nice for my hands. I was actually not that much a fan of 7 strings in the beginning but somehow my musical taste drifted to bands like Periphery, Sybreed, Scar Symmetry, Jeff Loomis and now I really feel that I should own a 7 string guitar.

Hey fellow bloggers.

Hey everyone out there.
I'm Ciler and I'm new here :) I'm gonna post here various stuff about my interests, like guitars, art, games and maybe some shows. I hope you will enjoy my future entries and I hope you can forgive me my bad english as it's actually my 3rd language.