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Thursday, September 23, 2010


I thought I'm gonna dump all the old shit I have done last year/beginning of this year what I found from my server. This was supposed to be a blog of art but right now its a blog of art WITHOUT art. I'd like to say myself that I'm much better at this moment, because most what I will post now are random doodles, fast sketches, practices (also all of them are unfinished xD) and stuff done a long time ago before I "learned/learning" anatomy, bone structure + muscles. Ok well enough of excuses xD 

Was a practice I once drew. Then got some time later ideas and changed her competly. Later fucked it up. I like her, most are creeped out by her. 

My very first "landscape bg" practice

Arms are too short. Forgot loli bodies are different then adults. ._.

Character references of a story what was influenced a lot by a anime called "Mushishi" and "Natsume Yakuinmodo" or something like this.. 

Actually this one is new. Was a brush practice. its imo quite decent except for the foreground.

A OC, Cutest thing imo I have drawn and most influencial character. Using always many details from her for new OC's

Not a drawing but this was a plan for my guitar what I'm building. Missing some wood to continue.

Actually this one is a New drawing. Its a guitar pick on my table. Just doodled it with 2mins.

Fucking got ripped of with this design. Was a commision but they didn't pay and then ripped  the same inspiration of.

Fixed this but couldn't find the real file xD It was my first try creaiting muscle mans, Quite happy with it.

Really liked this xD Has some mistakes but I don't mind them.

One of my first Perspective practices. I dunno what this is.

I experimented with my "Chibi" style.

Created a story/manga about him. Design is too stupid, story aswell. I love it.

Was my first time trying to do "more real" coloring. There is a fixed version in dA but I like this more.

Pose practice, weird face.

Some older but more finished work.

Drawn in a online drawchat

Has some mistakes but its not bad imo.

Was for a friend. One of my bests, tho I could redo it now better.

Dat fucked up face. Didn't know at that time about skull structure and how it changes with perspective. I still like this one because of the coloring style. Everyone else hates tho xD 
My most favourite work. 

Always hated this.

From my story. Bleh

Thats it for the crap art. I will post some more serious and better art next time I hope xD But it might just look as bad as what I posted now c(:


  1. I love the Misato from P3 one!

  2. pfppfpfpfpfp oh sorry fartsies.. >=(

  3. That landscape drawing looks awesome, like rest of them

  4. cool post bro!
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)
    suppin can u rtrn pls?

  5. wow! you're good with this stuff!

  6. hell yeah! youre BUILDING a guitar??

  7. I really like your landscape picture

  8. @anonymous
    Yeah, mahonagy body, rosewood fretboard 25'5 scale with a alexi EMG pickup. This was the basic setup I thought what I wanted to do right now. The headstock is based of Schecter guitars. Didn't get anywhere the wood so Its currently on hold.

  9. @Isaac and nigknife
    Nope. Started drawing 2-3 years ago. And seriously about a year and half.

  10. I really like the landscape one. Looks like you have quite the imagination. I like it.

  11. awesome stuff, i can't draw a stickman

  12. Wow, those are some awesome drawings!

    Followin', viewin' an' clickin'.

  13. :3 I like your art! You got talent.

  14. dang this is some good stuff!

    You should draw Cynder!

  15. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  16. Not bad man... Look forward to your next update! :D I'll keep in touch.

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    Check out my GTL Everyday blog

  18. wow! You're talented!

  19. that last one in red is impressive dude!

  20. Nice drawings bro .. Definitely takes alot of talent and patience

  21. thats pretty impressive, i really like it =D

  22. The drawings aren't bad. Keep it up, you have talent alright.

  23. speaking of dumping and shit... i'll be right back

  24. That is some absolutely gorgeous sketching, OP. You've done a good job!