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Sunday, October 3, 2010

AB III Is love

I'm totally fucked. I have like only 8 pages written out of 20 and i have been working like 5hours on only 2 sentence on my report/essay. Its driving me nuts. I have like it written in my head. I can think of what I did and what I wanted to write, but I can't just put it in words. If I try to do it I get a enormous headache. It's seriously friggin driving me nuts. Tomorrow is due and I felt like giving up, but now.... fuck this essay
I GOT MY FAVOURITES BAND NEW ALBUM! It's not offically out yet so I can't buy it yet but oh god its so amazing.. 
Alter Bridge AB III. I was waiting for this album a long time and It's better then I could have imagined. The new songs were totally worth the wait!

Gonna take now my guitar and start practicing the new songs.


  1. work in intervals with breaks to keep the brain fresh :)(!

  2. I feel your pain with that report. Working on one myself and it's just got getting done T_T

  3. Cool tune. If you want an advice, try some stimulants. Beer works for me. MDMA is amazing, it's like your brain opens (metaphorically)
    It's amazing but besides being illegal, it's very addictive. You can write books! LOL

  4. What Monei said. Breaking up large projects into little bitesized pieces it makes it easier to digest and get completed.

    Grats on getting the new album too :)

  5. Need to pace yourself bro. Sometimes you need to sit down and do X words/sentences per day. It's the only way to write a large essay imo lol. But ya don't leave that shit last min XD. I'm guessing you're gonna pull an all nighter? How much is the essay worth? The one I'm working on is 40% :x

  6. oh yeah! cramming on the last hours!

    well, good luck with that.

  7. JAJAJAJAJ use your guitar for inspiration!! write a song in the essay!!!! come on you can do it!!! Awesome song BTW

  8. Rad song, man. I would suggest making an outline for your next's probably too late to save this one XD

  9. Reports always take MUCH longer than you plan them to.. been there LOADS of times, all because of my own laziness.
    Hopefully you will get some more time :)

  10. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  11. Nice, I'll start to listen AB after this post.
    About your essay, take it easy, I supp you :D

    And I follow you, bra.