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Saturday, October 9, 2010

No money

Bah adsense disabled my account for good and appeal didn't work. Oh well. Whos interested can still keep following me but I will take now my time with all these daily watchings. Just gonna keep an eye on the people who comment and the blogs I liked because of context and because of the cool guys and girls making them.

Thought that today is a nice day outisde, sun is shining, weather seems good, birds are singing, trees are all colorful. A pefect autumn day. And what to do on a perfect autumn day? Stay inside watch animes and maintance my guitar! Man what a hassle. Took me like 6 or 7 hours to take it apart, clean it and make customization for more compfort. I still need to do a few things but overall it seems nice and shiny+ more compfortable. Learned yesterday "Alter Bridge - Isolation" and now can't stop playing it xD

Oh btw, I failed with my essay xD like totally.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AB III Is love

I'm totally fucked. I have like only 8 pages written out of 20 and i have been working like 5hours on only 2 sentence on my report/essay. Its driving me nuts. I have like it written in my head. I can think of what I did and what I wanted to write, but I can't just put it in words. If I try to do it I get a enormous headache. It's seriously friggin driving me nuts. Tomorrow is due and I felt like giving up, but now.... fuck this essay
I GOT MY FAVOURITES BAND NEW ALBUM! It's not offically out yet so I can't buy it yet but oh god its so amazing.. 
Alter Bridge AB III. I was waiting for this album a long time and It's better then I could have imagined. The new songs were totally worth the wait!

Gonna take now my guitar and start practicing the new songs.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life of Ciler

Haven't been around lately. Well some of you know why. So thought I'm gonna do a new post.
Bah When I started this blog in august I told that I had in 8th September this Practical work assignement. Well, it got pushed until 4th October. Practically I have to write and essay of 3months what I did in my practicum. I had an assignement to build a Home server on Server 2003 and Linux, ClearOS. Server I did but ClearOS I was too lazy. Well now the past few weeks I was like "Ok.. tomorrow I'm gonna write my essay." Now its 1th October and I'm running out of TIME. Not panicking yet but damn... I'm close to, because I still feel like saying I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Fuck how I hate myself for that xD. I guess gonna start to write today some rough outline and do tomorrow something clean.