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Saturday, October 9, 2010

No money

Bah adsense disabled my account for good and appeal didn't work. Oh well. Whos interested can still keep following me but I will take now my time with all these daily watchings. Just gonna keep an eye on the people who comment and the blogs I liked because of context and because of the cool guys and girls making them.

Thought that today is a nice day outisde, sun is shining, weather seems good, birds are singing, trees are all colorful. A pefect autumn day. And what to do on a perfect autumn day? Stay inside watch animes and maintance my guitar! Man what a hassle. Took me like 6 or 7 hours to take it apart, clean it and make customization for more compfort. I still need to do a few things but overall it seems nice and shiny+ more compfortable. Learned yesterday "Alter Bridge - Isolation" and now can't stop playing it xD

Oh btw, I failed with my essay xD like totally.


  1. aww that sucks dude, have u thought about trying a different ad network?

  2. @katie
    Overall was about 7% got lower with each day.

    nah, I think its not worth it.

  3. Sorry about the adsense account, you didn't deserve to get hit like that.

  4. WE ARE SO ALIKE! I love watching Anime and playing with my guitar! awesome! And I'm sorry for your adsense!!! don't forget Adbrite =D

  5. SO, will you stop going to my blog ;_; ?

  6. Sucks :( well.. there's more in life than adsense (adbrite, linkbucks, etc) ;)

    and for the essay.. well, meh they can always be redone :P

  7. dude, try getting adbrite. it's not contextual but the pay is pretty good. well, adsense pays the best but adbrite is a good alternative.

  8. @Naj
    I found a way to trick adbrite so easy and efficient. I stopped doing it because I taught I'd fail, but last week Adbrite send me a notification of my PAY! ($55 bucks) by making fake clicks... OMG I couldn't believe it. Perhaps I'll sell this trick XD

  9. go to ad company

    adbrite chiquita or so...

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