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Friday, October 1, 2010

Life of Ciler

Haven't been around lately. Well some of you know why. So thought I'm gonna do a new post.
Bah When I started this blog in august I told that I had in 8th September this Practical work assignement. Well, it got pushed until 4th October. Practically I have to write and essay of 3months what I did in my practicum. I had an assignement to build a Home server on Server 2003 and Linux, ClearOS. Server I did but ClearOS I was too lazy. Well now the past few weeks I was like "Ok.. tomorrow I'm gonna write my essay." Now its 1th October and I'm running out of TIME. Not panicking yet but damn... I'm close to, because I still feel like saying I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Fuck how I hate myself for that xD. I guess gonna start to write today some rough outline and do tomorrow something clean.

As for sleeping, I kinda got it now back like it used to be. 1am is now quite a normal time to go sleep. Waking up quite early as well. Mostly 8am. Tho I despise the time from 8am to 12pm. If you ask me its the most booring and depressing time ever.

I have been now 2 times in my theory class for my driving license. The first day I had some guy just reading from the book in a really monotone voice. Well it wasn't exactly boring as he did bring up some samples out from GTA what I found funny, but noone seem'd to get it except for me. Then the second day we had a other guy. He was the one who was when I entered, messing with the papers. He looked like a really cool guy at first. After yesterday, damn. He's lecture was quite amazing. He's really funny and the way he teaches was that absolutly everyone participated and actually thought with him. He really made us listen and we didn't fall asleep.
Then Yesterday I also had my first driving lesson. The instructor is a cool guy. Was quite nice and told stories of other people. As for my first driving experience, well I crashed the engine quite a few times. Playing with the clutch is quite hard but I'm getting it slowly down. On my first day I even had to practice Slalom  backwards and back parking. He told that people mostly don't get it down with the first try but I did quite well xD so I'm proud of myself atleast for that. One girl atleast who had done it a few times messed backwards slalom completly. Seriously can't wait for my next driving lesson. It was super exciting xD

Hmm.. what more.
Oh my appeal got a answer. It's not really anything promising but chanses are small.


We're currently in the process of reviewing your account with the
additional information that you've provided. Please understand, however,
that there is no guarantee that your account will be reinstated into
AdSense. As a reminder, Google does reserve the right to disable an
account at any time, as stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions


  1. You're learning in a standard car? Have fun with that lol, I did the exact same thing XD Only problem I had was that my family doesn't own a standard car so I had almost no chance to practice other than the few lessons I get from the instructor. I did pretty well from watching my friends drive though lol...
    GL with driving school and adsense bro :D

  2. I still need to learn how to drive, but I hope to get a friend to teach me beforehand, instead of taking classes. Only problem is he'll probably insist on teaching me to use a standard gear shift XD

    Good luck with the AdSense appeal, I'm still waiting for an answer to mine...

  3. @Zykei
    I have exactly the same problem. Tho in my country manual is the most common car, we in my family though have automatic. But well better to learn with a manual so you can drive both then with an automatic and drive only with that. xD

  4. hey, good luck with the adsense appeal, hope you get your account back.

    also, manual cars are the best! my friends owns an automatic car but i just can't control that car the way i want to. hehe, sometimes i pretend that i'm piloting a gundam while driving my car!

  5. Just do it! I'm really good with essays, so my advice would be that as soons as you start writing, don't let go, and you will be finished in to time! just write what your brain tells you without hesitation! Good luck!

  6. Yeah, my driving instructor was Morgan Freeman lol. Had the look and the voice.

  7. Good luck on your essay (write that sucker now), the driving test, and with adsense :D

  8. have fun with the driving bro , and GL with the essay

  9. Why do you have to write about school? Now you've messed with my weekend... -_- Assignments, Essays, are very very tedious and I don't know why instructors love to torture us with that. Past semester, at my Art class, the instructor used to give us a lot of assignments, but I wasn't emotionally stable to do that crap, so a quick solution: go there and pay somebody else to do your homework for 5 bucks.

  10. @Gansita
    Lol xD I'd love that, but I doubt they know about this stuff and my language.

  11. so your a guitarist? check out some technically proficient bands on my blog

  12. got to put time on different sutff

  13. Wow I'm so glad I got my driving license.. failed the driving test TWICE because of small things that I would never do if I wasnt so nervous -.-

    Also; during longer projects in school, you should always plan ahead and set up a schedule where you want to be in a few weeks time.
    Learned that the hard way..

  14. Why is your blog so fun to read? :)

  15. ugh school...seems like you got a lot going on...and boring at that lol

    you need to drive a stick shift its a lot more fun :P

    and yea I skimmed threw the latest ch. on OP check out the pic I posted XD it crazy how everyone looks.